Welcome to Cornerstone Media's Activity Archive! This page contains a number of activities that use current music as a tool to spark meaningful discussion and fun! We hope that these activities are great resources for you.

Match That Theme

After a class or youth meeting, announce the theme for the following class or meeting. Invite your youth to find a song with a message that matches the theme. At the next gathering, offer opportunities for youth to introduce and play the songs that they brought.

A Countdown of Values

Break into small groups of about four. Ask each group to list songs currently on the charts that promote or discuss positive values. Create a second list of songs that promote or discuss negative values. Meet in a large group. Ask each group to share the songs on its list. Write all responses on a chalkboard, whiteboard, or large piece of paper.

Then, as a large group, choose the "Top 10" songs from each list, rating them from 1-10 based on the values discussed in each song. As your group creates this list, they will engage in a great discussion about values. Create a final "Top 10" list of current positive and negative songs.

Scripture, with a Beat!

The messages of many of today's songs parallel the same messages we find in the Bible. Use either of these simple activities to make the messages in the Bible more relevant to your young people:

How Was Your Week?

Distribute copies of the current Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 to your teens (This is a free list of the top 100 songs on the charts this week). Ask everyone to think about the best and worst thing that happend to him/her during the past week, and to select a song title from the chart that respresents each event. After a few minutes, invite each person to share his/her best and worst moments of the week, along with corresponding song title. Take turns sharing responses aloud. This makes a great "icebreaker" activity!

Personal Goals that Rock!

The beginning of the school year presents a great opportunity for teens to plan and discuss their personal goals. While you play some soft background music, give everyone a couple of minutes of reflection time to think about what important goals he/she would like to reach during the upcoming school year. Distribute paper, pens, and copies of the current Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 to your teens (This is a free list of the top 100 songs on the charts this week). Ask everyone to find a song title on the list that describes the goals that he/she is striving for or the qualities needed to reach those goals. Then ask everyone to write down the song title selected and strategies or important steps needed to reach each of the goals.

Break into small groups of four. Within the groups, invite each person to share aloud his/her goals for the year, as well as the song title selected and why it describes his/her goals. Afterwards, share strategies within the small groups. Offer advice and encouragement to one another.

Let's Dance!

Organize a dance as a social event or fund raiser. As a group, plan the playlist for the evening, committing to playing only songs with positive messages. Be sure to encourage acceptance of all types of music. Discuss the values and messages in the songs that you plan to play during the dance. In the end, you'll have not only a fun dance, but a great discussion of values during the planning process.

Optional: Plan an intergenerational dance, inviting not only teens but parents and other adults. Plan a playlist including current songs and songs from years past. Be sure to plan activities designed to mix the age groups. This will be a fun and educational experience for all!

Journaling with Today's Music

Distribute paper and pens to all participants. Invite everyone to write about his/her feelings at that moment (e.g. How do you feel right now? What's going on in your life? What are you worried about? What are you celebrating?).

Play a pre-selected current song promoting positive values. Afterwards, ask everyone to think about how the song speaks to his/her written feelings and situations from the beginning of the activity. Invite everyone to put these thoughts into writing.

Optional: Gather in small groups of four and share responses.

Learn About One Another Through Music

Before your class/meeting, invite each young person to bring a CD or cassette containing a song that means a lot to him/her.

Before you begin, challenge your group to be accepting of others' ideas and choices of music. Then, invite each person to present his/her selected song, including what special meaning the song has to him/her. Play each song for all to hear. Take turns until everyone receives an opportunity to share thoughts and music. This is a great chance to learn something new about one another!

A Group Prayer That Really Rocks!

Ask each young person to select a song promoting positive values. Ask everyone to come to your next class/meeting with some or all of the lyrics to his/her selected song.

At the next class/meeting, select a topic for a group prayer (e.g. world peace, forgiveness, God's love for us, etc.) and ask each person to select one sentence or phrase from his/her song that fits the theme. Write each selected lyric on a chalkboard. Then, as a group, use all of the selected lyrics to write a powerful group prayer. Afterwards, write your finished prayer on a poster and display it in your meeting area.

Letters of Hope

Ask your young people to name songs with the theme of "hope". Ask them to write down specific lyrics from the song(s) selected. Take turns sharing song titles and lyrics with the large group.

Next, distribute paper and pens. Ask everyone to write a letter to a friend who could use a little hope in his/her life. Include song lyrics from a selected song and a personal message in the letter. Challenge everyone to deliver their letters during the upcoming week.

Which Song Title Describes You?

Distribute copies of the current Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 to your teens (This is a free list of the top 100 songs on the charts this week). Ask everyone to find a song title on the list that describes his/her life right now. After a few minutes, ask each person to share aloud the song title that he/she selected and why it describes his/her life. Take turns sharing responses. This makes a great "icebreaker" activity!

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