Anna Scally is the President of Cornerstone Media, Inc., in Santa Rosa, California. Anna is an inspiring workshop and youth rally speaker, youth ministry training consultant, and a disc jockey.

She is a columnist for Cornerstone Media’s Top Music Countdown quarterly poster, and also the host for the audio show Burning Issues, dealing with relevant youth topics. She was M.C. of the catechetical sessions for 77,000 young people at Mile High Stadium in Denver for World Youth Day.

Anna has authored several articles on popular music, religious education and youth ministry that have appeared in several journals and popular publications. She has travelled all over the world to make over 2,000 public presentations at youth rallies, training events, retreats, adult education days, and other youth ministry related events, including all the major conferences for religious educators in North America. Anna has a wealth of experience in facilitating any of the following events:

  • Youth Rally
  • High School Retreat
  • Junior High Events
  • Adult Leadership Training
  • Youth Leadership Training
  • Popular Music Workshop
  • Parent/Teen Intergenerational Day including Dance
  • Parent Session
  • Clergy In-Service Day
  • Teacher In-Service Day
  • Music/Values Talk with Dance
  • Teleconferences
  • Custom-Designed Presentations
  • Custom Audio and Video Productions

Here are some comments from a number of teens who participated in Anna's events:

"Thank you for making this retreat a great one. I love your methods of getting across to me. You showed me a side of myself that I haven't seen for a while. Your presentations were fun and very interesting." -Sara


"Before I came I was somewhat skepical about how much fun this would be and how much I would learn. But as it turned out, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun." -Andrew

"Thank you for this retreat. The way you used music to reach us was very good. I like how you had us interact with each other rather than just lecture us for all of that time." -Adrienne


"Thank you so much for being here with us. Your presentations have meant a lot to me. Every session I was challenged, each time in a different way." -Lindsey

"Thank you for giving the encouraging presentations to us all. Thanks for making it easy to meet new friends and for making me and everyone feel at ease. You are very talented." -Mari


"I just want to thank Anna for the grad retreat. I thought it was going to be another school function where we sit for so long, but you had us in groups talking about our future and fears of graduating and I thought it was great how you worked music into the retreat I felt different about the songs you played. It made me have a feeling of hope and achivement." -Jeff

And here are some comments from adults who participated in Anna's events:

"I was fortunate to hear you speak in Toronto on Thursday morning. You lifted my heart so much that it really turned my week around. I came to World Youth Day like so many to see the Holy Father. After listening to you on that Thursday I felt alive and full of the Holy Spirit. I have come back to my hometown in Central New York singing your praises. Thank you for the lifting of my spirit and the encourgment to have a wonderful week at World Youth Day. I will never forget you and your gentle way of reaching the youth." -Larie

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