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Cornerstone Media, Inc., produces both print and audio materials to help parents, teachers, youth ministers, pastors, and others who work with teens. We use the music that young people listen to everyday as a tool to spark dialogue about values and relationships.

Anyone who has a teen or works with them can be more effective connecting with them. We have the method, and you have the materials in your house already!

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This year, help the Stations of the Cross come alive for your young people! The 2020 Stations of the Cross CD Kit:
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This year, help the Stations of the Cross come alive for your young people! The featured CD of this kit contains 14 audio reflections based on Jesus' walk to Calvary. Each reflection contains commentaries by young people applying each station to their own lives and issues. Additionally, each reflection is illustrated with clips of current hit songs.

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Young people love their music, so use it as a tool to enhance your ministry or family discussion. Top Music Countdown Online Subscription: Faith-Based Edition

Your yearly online subscription gives you a powerful teaching and discussion tool. The main feature of Top Music Countdown is the Top 25 Review. This monthly report evaluates the values in 25 of the top songs on the charts, and gives you ways to incorporate these songs into your program. Additional articles keep you up-to-date with youth culture and give you creative and effective ways to incorporate elements of their music and culture into your program. For only $99 per year, your subscription gives access to your entire church, school or organization!

Special Offer: Purchase a 2-year subscription to Top Music Countdown for the price of one year...only $99!

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Hear the best and worst value songs of the past year The new Dirty Dozen and Psalm 151 CD:
Available soon!

Cornerstone Media's most popular audio product is produced every year from the ideas sent to us from thousands of teens! The tracks on this CD count down the best-value and worst-value songs of the year while discussing the values contained within the songs. These countdown shows will really get your teens talking!

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Free Resources Page Free Resources Page

Cornerstone Media is thrilled to offer a continually updated page of free resources for teachers, youth ministers, parents, and other adults who work with young people. These resources help you incorporate today's music and other elements of youth culture into your program or teen conversations. Features include:

  • Monthly Reports
  • Reflections
  • Powerful Prayer Songs
  • Positive Dance Songs
  • Activity Ideas
  • Links to Related Resources

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